Compreg Plywood Flooring For Chemical Industry

Magnus chemical grade plywood is made by thin layered veneers of wood. The species of wood is used to produce this plywood are selected, high densities, oil and decay free, matured and high strength. It has got excellent resistance to moisture, concentrated acids and alkalis, climate vagaries, wear and tear etc. It is a unique and versatile engineering material. ‘Magnus’ compregs are wood based synthetic resin laminates panel finds extensive application in industries where mechanical strength and resistance to moisture and chemical degradation are required.


Magnus Compreg Plywood For Chemical Industry’ are extensively used by various chemical industries like Fertilizer, Solvent Extraction, Zinc Plants, Vanaspati Plants, Pharmaceuticals Refineries, Synthetic Resin Plants etc.

Thicknesses : 4 mm to 100 mm

Sizes : 300 to 1675 mm

Density : 01.25 to 1.4 gm/cm3

Length : 600 to 3200 mm