MAGNUS IGNIFUGO is fire-retardant plywood that is treated with chemicals that provide a physical barrier to flames. Its low flammability nature of up to 48 minutes lowers the chances of a spark or ignition & reduces flame spread over the surface of the plywood. Magnus Ignifugo is made from tested chemicals that are proven to be extremely helpful in reducing the risks of fire spreads by offering fire safety support with properties like delayed temperature rise and reduction in gas evaporation resulting in restricting the flame spread. It is also made of 100% high-density hardwood and has dimensional and bonding stability. Moreover, it is resistant to twisting and warping activities.


  • Fire Retardant as per IS 5509
  • Boiling Water Proof as per IS 710
  • 600% cashback guarantee
  • Flammability more than 48 minutes for 19 mm
  • Quad cycle advantage
  • Slow burning
  • 100% hardwood / high density
  • Resistant to twisting and warping
  • Gurjan face veneer
  • Available in E0 Grade